Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital

Whirlpool Distribution Center

Installed panel.

Custom gutter and drain system.

Installed StructureClad 150SS metal roof system.

Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital


Building Products GroupTM (BPG) was contacted to provide a metal roof system for air handling units that were to be placed on the roof of Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. The units, manufactured by Air Flow Equipment, would be visible to other elevations of the building. Knowing that patients, visitors and staff would be able to see the units, hospital management requested an aesthetically appealing system be fabricated and installed to shield the units from view. BPG was selected to custom fabricate a solution for the project.


The BPG team developed an attractive metal roof system, StructureClad 150 SS (1.5” mechanical lock panels), to meet the building owner’s objectives. The team’s expertise in weatherproofing technology revealed the need for a drainage system to prevent water from pooling around the units. BPG designed and fabricated a custom gutter and drain system that allowed water to be directed away, enhancing the performance and prolonging the life of each unit.


The installing contractor had a tight budget and time line for this project. BPG was able to develop a solution that would meet the budget and scheduling requirements. The solution was for shop fabrication of the metal roof panels and direct shipment to Air Flow Equipment allowing the air handling units and roof system to arrive on site in one delivery. BPG was able to manufacture the panels in a controlled environment ensuring the quality of the product. By shipping directly to Air Flow Equipment, unnecessary costs and time associated with shipping the components separately was removed.


The air handling units were a significant capital expense for the hospital, and required careful installation to ensure that the units were not damaged. Understanding the sensitivity of the project, BPG provided a detailed installation guide, support documentation, and offered on-site technical support to the installing contractor. Although the on-site assistance was initially declined, upon reviewing the intricate installation requirements, the installing contractor requested BPG send an expert to the field to consult during the final installation.


BPG took immediate action and within 24 hours provided a technical expert for on-site consultation. Inclement weather also threatened to delay the installation; however the BPG representative was able to provide guidance and instruction enabling the crew to fast-track the installation process.


BPG met the hospital’s requirements for aesthetics and delivered a quality product that went above and beyond the client’s expectations. The customized design, fabrication and installation of the StructureClad150SS metal roof assembly provided the hospital with a quality product that will protect their investment for many years to come.



Technicians preparing coping for shipment.

Technicians installing coping.

Installed solar panels.

Whirlpool Distribution Center


Whirlpool Corporation, with facilities around the globe, recently announced that they would be installing a large amount of solar energy panels on their distribution center in Perris, California. This facility would hold the largest number of solar panels on one roof in the United States. Over 32,000 panels would be placed on the nearly 2-million square foot roof.


Before the panels were installed, the roof needed to be watertight. The five-year-old facility was experiencing water infiltration. Whirlpool contracted  to perform an evaluation to pinpoint the cause of leakage. The evaluation found that the issue resided in the improper edge details around the approximately one-mile long perimeter of the roof. Building Products Group (BPG), a subsidiary of StructureTec Group, was contracted to perform the necessary repairs.


To resolve the issue, new metal coping needed to be installed over the roof edge. BPG fabricated the coping to meet the exact dimensions of the precast walls, making it a perfect fit and a long-term solution.


This project presented a challenge with the sheer size of the building. To overcome the huge expanse, the BPG team built a custom material cart that could be pushed along the roof to help them transfer heavy materials over a half mile everyday. This saved time on the project and money for the client.


BPG was able to partner with StructureTec to provide a timely turnkey solution, which ensured the quality of this project.

Though the scope of the project was large, it was completed with great success in a minimal time-frame. BPG ensured the success of this project through providing the right people for the job, the experience required, the ingenuity to find creative solutions, and great communication with the client. The grouping of allied companies allowed for a total turnkey solution and greater ROE for the client.


It is vitally important that Whirlpool have a well-maintained building so they can pursue their interest in installing 32,000 solar panels. BPG provided the necessary products to ensure a watertight building in a minimum time-frame and was able to expedite Whirlpool’s solar project. Furthermore, Whirlpool’s inventory is safe from leaks that would have caused serious problems if not addressed by Building Products Group.



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